Noah Porter

Department of Anthropology

SOC 107, University of South Florida

Tampa, FL 33620 




*   M.A.: University of South Florida, 2003

*   B.Sc.: Appalachian State University, 2001

Professional Membership:

*   American Anthropological Association

Recent Projects:

*   2005:  Boasian Theory and Cyberculture. 104th American Anthropological Association Meeting.Invited Session: Parsing Culture: Cybersocial Space and the Making of Group and Individual Identity.

*   2005:  Explicating Special Types of Falun Gong Practitioners: Contact Persons and Professional Practitioners. Nova Religio 9(2): 62-83.

*   2005:  Computer-Mediated Anthropology: Introducing a New Web Resource. AAA E-news (Apr 05): GENERAL ANNOUNCEMENTS sec. 5.
*   2004:  Falun Gong and the Internet: Using Multi-Sited Ethnography to a Study a Dispersed Spiritual Practice.103rd American Anthropological Association Meeting. Session: Crossing Borders: Religion In Transregional Contexts.(Paper accepted; offer to present declined due to conference location problems.)

*   2004:  Computer-Mediated Anthropology. Electronic Resource:
*   2004:  Samís New Schtick: Anthropology students assign new images to Uncle Sam in hopes of highlighting what they deem a misappropriation of Native American symbols in sports.The Oracle, Volume 41, No. 144, p. 1, 22. (Public anthropology.)
*   2004:  Anthropology, Religion, and the Politics of PersecutionAnthropology News Volume 45, Number 2 (February): p. 47-48.

*   2003:  Book review: Breathing Spaces:  Qigong, Psychiatry and Healing in China by Nancy ChenNova Religio. (forthcoming)

*   2003:  Falun Gong in the United States:  An Ethnographic Study.  (MA Thesis.  Also available as a paperback through

*   2003:Studying Spiritual Practice in a Mediated World (w/ Dr. S. Elizabeth Bird) International Communication Association 2003 Annual Conference, Theme Sessions Panel Session:  Religion, Media, and Globalization: Disciplinary, Cultural, and National Borderlands in the Study of Religion in the Media Age.

*   2002:  Summary:  Kaplan, Hillard and Kim Hall.  "Food Sharing Among Ache Foragers: Test of Explanatory Hypothesis."   Current Anthropology  Apr.  1985  Vol. 26 (2): 223-246.  (The Anthropology Journal Archive Project; forthcoming.)

*   2002:  Summary:  Van Beek, Walter E. A.  "Dogon Restudied: A Field Evaluation of the Work of Marcel Griaule."   Current Anthropology  Apr.  1991  Vol. 32 (2): 139-167.  (The Anthropology Journal Archive Project; forthcoming.)

*   2002:  Summary:  Aunger, Robert.  "On Ethnography: Storytelling or Science?"   Current Anthropology  Feb.  1995  Vol. 36 (1): 97-130.  (The Anthropology Journal Archive Project; forthcoming.)

*   2002:  Summary:  Wade, Peter.  "Working Culture:  Making Cultural Identities in Cali, Colombia."    Current Anthropology  Aug. Oct.  1999  Vol. 40 (4): 449-471.  (The Anthropology Journal Archive Project; forthcoming.)

*   2001: Reiki healing at Ancient Wisdom : the people and beliefs behind a spiritual center's event.  (Senior Honors Thesis, Appalachian State University.)

*   2000: Many Wataugans will do without food to get their prescriptionsWatauga Democrat, May 8.  (Public anthropology:  My Mobile Pharmacy research used in a local newspaper article.)


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*   USF Anthropology Exhibit Gallery Page

*   Uighur Dancer Photograph Page